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Employ our revolutionary 720 Edge Assessment to gain a performance edge for your leaders.  Understand how organizational content, culture and processes affect individual development needs.

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Change Management

LPI is a Prosci Authorized Training Provider.  Prosci has become the leading provider of change management training, tools and benchmarking reports.  Clients include a majority of Fortune 500 companies.  Find out how you bring this valuable Change Management methodology to your organization!

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Project Management

Choose from the dozens of courses and learning tools in our Project Management Academy.  Customize these solutions to ensure that your project teams develop to their peak performance.

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performance improvementLooking For A Solution That Really Improves Performance?

It happens all the time.

Organizations host training programs to improve results, but become disillusioned when the knowledge gained is soon forgotten and the promised performance improvement never occurs.

The reality is that training events alone rarely bring about meaningful changes in behaviour, nor do they produce the operational improvements expected. Why?  Performance improvement requires not only information but application, reflection, feedback, and refinement.  Most educational institutions and even internal trainers simply stop at the training event.

But The Learning and Performance Institute® has a different approach, and here is why it will help your organization.

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performance_academiesWhat is a Performance Academy?

The professionals at the Learning and Performance Institute® (LPI) are your development experts. Our high-impact solutions primarily focus on six main Performance Academies:

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