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Training That Improves Performance

Whether you're managing people or processes, LPI's unique brokerage approach to sourcing and customizing programs will help your organization achieve its most critical goals.

The traditional model of a management training company is to develop a single curriculum stream, and then to customize content to match client needs. Sometimes this process can feel like forcing a square peg into a round hole.

The Knowledge Brokers® model is quite different – and here is how it can help you.

We source programs from hundreds of potential partners – universities; private training organizations; and independent course designers. You benefit because – before customization even begins - we are recommending programs based on your culture, underlying competencies, preferred learning formats and business objectives.

In addition, our consulting services will ensure that you build internal capacity for both process and people management. 

It happens all the time. Organizations host training programs to improve performance, but become disillusioned when the knowledge gained is soon forgotten and the promised performance improvement never occurs.

The reality is that training events alone rarely bring about meaningful changes in behaviour, nor do they produce the operational improvements expected. Why? Performance improvement requires not only information but application, reflection, feedback, and refinement. Most educational institutions and even internal trainers simply stop at the training event.

Our Unique Approach

At LPI we take a different approach. We provide a powerful alternative to traditional training and development. LPI takes the development process far beyond where other training institutions leave off. We work with organizations to create a Performance Improvement System that will not only provide short term performance gains but a long term sustainable system for continuous improvement.

Targeted Development Based On Expert Analysis

LPI partners with clients using our seven-step consultative process, to examine the culture, contextual framework and preferred learning formats of an organization; to consider the future evolution and expectations of success in the business; and to provide content aligned to underlying competencies. We review current operations and processes and, with the assistance of proprietary surveys, assessments, and diagnostic tools, can pinpoint areas for development and performance improvement.

Organizations are presented with the findings from our analysis and priorities for improvement are discussed with the client. Once developmental priorities are determined an Organizational Effectiveness Roadmap is developed to guide the development process and to establish performance metrics to measure progress.

Robust Solutions

Our solutions are highly interactive, utilizing cutting edge experiential learning and development techniques. Participants actively learn through experience, action and reflection as they engage in discussion, exercises, coaching, and real-work simulations. We bring the best learning and development programs and instructors to your doorstep. Although our competitors will offer excellent instructors and programs, no other organization combines expert instruction with the performance enhancing processes that we offer in our Performance Improvement System.

Performance Academies

Training and development services are organized within a Performance Academy. Our vision is to offer insight, leadership and learning application to ensure that organizations and individuals gain knowledge, develop skills and transform behaviours. 

Each Performance Academy provides individual and enterprise wide assessments, customizable development plans and career pathways, comprehensive courses, application assignments, simulations and projects, feedback and coaching mechanisms, and evaluation processes that demonstrate the return on investment.

Through our Performance Academies we also offer consulting, coaching and applied learning solutions to augment our training programs.


Popular Next Steps

We invite you to explore the topics and Performance Academies of greatest interest to you and your organization:

In addition, please review our learning services. Packaged with a management training solution, these will ensure maximum impact in your organization for every program.

Begin your complimentary needs analysis or ask a question about training areas of interest, by contacting us today at 1-888-574-3857 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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